NOTE – www.solarairpower.com website consistently moves forward. Statistics and opportunities as well as associates, associations and symbiotic business/educational arenas are listed here.  Of items on this list we are either currently in, have been in, or are in process of getting into direct communications and procedures.  Those listed on this page are a well rounded example of our connections.  In 2018 Solar Air Tech LLC plans to establish comprehensive introductions regarding our organization's products and capabilities to numerous ecologically minded news worthy individuals and to similar minded political, religion, and company leaders around the world.  Plans include news releases that will assist the general population's capabilities to better understand imperative global ecology refurbishment needs and how SolarAir Tower-Chimney can help to stabilize Earth's ecosystem.  Statements are at page bottom.  

PLEASE UNDERSTAND – Development and successful deployment of global actions are NOW required in order to soon enough thwart climate change as well as to reverse several types of eco-systemic degradation/ruination.  The human race now needs to quickly and thoroughly begin "Global Ecosystem - Crisis Management".  Otherwise, globally unmanageable too soon oncoming ecosystem/climate down turns could extinguish much if not all of our civilization.  

MANDATE - TO OUR HUMAN RACEEither we stabilize Earth’s naturally developed life-giving climate and environmental accommodations, or; Human Race May - Perish.  

THANK YOU FOR REVIEWING THIS WEBSITE  I ask you to join these global efforts to assist Earth’s climate and ecosystem maintain livable conditions – so that humans as well as other lifeforms remain well.  Planet Earth Is Our Only Home!  

Site Manager - Solar Air Tech LLC  

Informative Statistic-Productions
NASA – Global Climate Change... https://climate.nasa.gov/causes/
John P. Reisman – Be Ahead of The Curve... http://www.johnreisman.com/media-production
Climate Change & Human Health – World Health Organization http://www.who.int/globalchange/publications/climchange.pdf  
Potential consequences of climate change, fish production in large marine ecosystems... 
POPA Report 2011 - Read page 9, paragraph 4... https://www.aps.org/policy/reports/assessments/upload/dac2011.pdf  

Organization, Company and University Connections  
Sandia National Laboratories – Specializing in Futuristic R&D... http://www.sandia.gov/  
University of California, Berkeley – Research... http://www.berkeley.edu/  
Arizona State University – LightWorks – Global Institute of Sustainability... https://sustainability.asu.edu/lightworks/  
SRI International – Custom Solutions... https://www.sri.com/research-development/sri-custom-solutions
Columbia University – Home base for two of the best CO2 DAC apparatus inventors... http://www.columbia.edu/  
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute [RPI] – Nano Coating Technology... http://research.rpi.edu/nano  
Global Thermostat – A Carbon Negative Solution... http://globalthermostat.com/  
Summit Power – Developing Our energy future... http://www.summitpower.com/  
ASU – Center for Negative Carbon Emissions... https://cnce.engineering.asu.edu/  
USA Shade – Fabric Construction... https://www.usa-shade.com/  

Direct Air Capture - Atmospheric CO2 Separation Equipment  
Peter Eisenberger’s Direct Air Capture Cubes... globalthermostat.com/
Klaus Lackner’s "Artificial Trees"... The Center for Negative Carbon Emissions, ASU http://www.earth.columbia.edu/articles/view/2523  

Airflow Activated, Horizontal Placement, Propeller Driven Electricity Turbines 

Condensation and Desalination Water Pumps  

Flexible/Expandable SolarAir™ Chimney-Tower Building Materials

Rubber and Fabric Building Materials

Carbon Dioxide and Liquid Hydrocarbon Fuel Pumps, Valves, Piping and Storage Tanks
Allied Group... allied-group.com

CO2 Based Full-Cycle, "Carbon Neutral" Liquid Hydrocarbon Fuel Manufacturing
Sandia National Laboratories – Sunshine to Petrol... https://energy.gov/sites/prod/files/2017/08/f36/martino_ecrld.pdf

News Based Productions and Outlet Films - Interviews with Art Burtis
The Michael Killen Report... https://killen.com/
Michael Killen Report, interview films with Art Burtis, CEO - Solar Air Tech LLC:

1. "Trump Creates $Multibillion Opportunity for Suppliers to Separate Air and CO2"...


2. "Mining the Sky for Diesel, Gasoline, Jet Fuel and Money"... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0uvU2Ckx9M
3. "Global CO2 Drawdown Solution of Choice and Sierra Club" - This is a GLOBAL Call to Action... 


4. A brief on: "California's Climate Plan"  Lynn Orr [Under Secretary for Science and Energy] at forefront with Art Burtis at close... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEBIO0LaC4s&feature=youtu.be&a

NOTE: Franklin M. ("Lynn") Orr, Jr. served as Under Secretary for Science and Energy at the US Department of Energy from December 2014 to January 2017. He was director of the Precourt Institute for Energy at Stanford from its establishment in 2009 to 2013. He served as director of the Global Climate and Energy Project from 2002 to 2008. Orr was the Chester Naramore Dean of the School of Earth Sciences at Stanford University from 1994 to 2002. He has been a member of the Stanford faculty since 1985 and holds the Keleen and Carlton Beal Chair of Petroleum Engineering in the Department of Energy Resources Engineering, and was a Senior Fellow at the Woods Institute for the Environment and the Precourt Institute for Energy.

5.  Art Burtis answers and clarifies a question from Michael Killen regarding California Energy Plan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6q4p8Dtdze8


Robert “Bob” Hunka – Lead Engineer | Solar Air Tech LLC 

Call me ROBO-ENGINEER: If you look closely at my tee-shirt it displays the words of the Rolling Stones song "START ME UP".  

In my view, life as well as our accomplishments are driven by ENERGY.  Energy, the ability to do work, is the driving force of all activity in the universe. However, in our minuscule corner it’s about using our short lifespan to make our world a better place. 

We do not know the path[s] Earth’s natural forces can/will need-to take in regard to dealing with recent centuries of haphazard eco-systemic anthropogenic actions.  At this juncture of civilization’s development, human “positive-force” high tech ecological improvement intervention is required… to save our lives as well as the lives of many other creatures on Earth.  I am convinced human inaction amounts to relinquishing our duty to be able to advance currently necessary environmental development and improvement.

Inside Solar Air Tech and within many of our associates’ business parameters there have become large reservoirs of structured Potential Energy.  Potential Energy created through decades of hard, dedicated work in construction, chimney design and materials used, airflow mechanics, solar research, refrigeration, aerospace, physics, biochemistry, HVAC and environmental observations/perceptions/study.  Keen experiences of success as well as setbacks in this global-stance endeavor to help "improve Earth's climate and environment" have sharpened our productivity instincts to a cutting edge. 

When financial support is harnessed... ours and associates inside our conglomerate's years of developed potential energies will unleash a near limitless plethora of built up kinetic energy to establish actions for achieving many necessary goals in record time. We believe solutions can still be accomplished in timely enough manner to correctly salvage our planet’s atmospheric-climate, ocean-depths, rivers, lakes, thousands of aquifers and globally positioned land masses.  This is not a should do, but rather this is a “Must-Do” - - > Regarding Us All to Work Together for Accomplishing 21st Century Life-Saving Improvements in Earth's Climate and Ecosystem!  

Upon correct deployment of well meaning human actions that coincide correctly with Earth's mandated natural conditions: Earth's natural sequestration procedure can again become levelized with naturally enacted disposals of carbon materials from surface life properties.

What are our goals?  Personally, I will move forward in tasks that are simple, clear and achievable quickly. Majority of international human suffering comes from lack of food, water, refrigeration, medical services, human shelter and electricity that exists in over a billion persons’ minimally livable social environments.  Those impoverished areas of the world have a great amount of potential human energy that we can help turn into 21st Century product producing kinetic energy.  Most of these neglected, backward areas have sun, wind and millions of hands with muscles and blood whose minds are waiting, seeking, yearning for empowerment through employment via technology from developed nations.  SolarAir™ Power Systems can and will empower those hands and minds.  We will take the abundant, freely available resource of solar-heat energy and use it to create kinetic energy from masses of people who are wanting to establish meaningful lives with social improvements.  

SolarAir™ Tower-Chimney, through its development of electrical energy and potable water will create an "oasis" of activity leading to the availability of food, shelter and a comfortable environment.  Local, usable, hands-on energized people who long for a direction to go is one of the main keys to oncoming global climate and environmental improvement success.  As a group, we will all become "Rich In Spirit” and wealthy in having the riches of many million thanks stored in the vaults of our hearts.  

By, Bob Hunka

W. Arthur “Art” Burtis – Founder, CEO | Solar Air Tech LLC 

Atmospherically derived full-cycle, “carbon neutral” liquid hydrocarbon fuels have capacity to add another tremendously positive aspect to this thoughtfully conceived global endeavor.  These new-source fuels will catapult human capabilities toward the much needed stabilization of our Earth’s climate and ecosystem[s]. “AirLic” Fuels™ are full-cycle, global scope, “carbon neutral” liquid energy products that can cleanly enable humanity to continue utilizing two billion combustion engines while allowing Earth’s “Mother Nature” to cohesively realign its climate and ecosystem life giving properties.  

“AirLic” Fuels™ = Atmospheric Full-Cycle Transportation Fuels.

Thousands of previously impoverished communities in arid climates have multi thousands of persons ready to work in their own geographic regions.  This unprecedented opportunity will be historically spotlighted as a globally successful “Clean New Energy” game changer.  An energy source game changer that to a large extent helped save livable climate and ecosystem conditions for the good of everyone and everything.  Spotlight on “AirLic” Fuels™ will brightly shine throughout remainder of our 21st Century and into our 22nd Century; thereafter, this light's glow will remain visible in the annals of civilization on Earth. 

I am calling for investors to join forces and assist in bringing this multi-pronged, environmentally correct world saving endeavor to fruition.  To quote Bob Hunka “As a group, we will all become "rich In spirit” and wealthy in having the riches of many million thanks stored in the vaults of our hearts.”  

“AirLic” Fuels™ trillion dollar world alerting new-energy procedures and products will eventually dwarf crude oil industry size and scope. 

Developed and underdeveloped nations’ populations will symbiotically work together toward global environmental and civilization improvements. 

Atmospheric suspended CO2 content is the largest carbon filled “oil well” ever discovered – bar none! 

Capability for this atmospherically suspended, carbon dioxide based, full-cycle replenishment hydrocarbon fuel process makes this an "oil well" that during centuries, with careful management, in coincidence with crude oil use, will virtually not run out.  

I Repeat: 

"Either we stabilize Earth’s naturally developed life-giving climate and environmental accommodations, or; Human Race May - Perish." 


" I ask you to join these global efforts to assist Earth’s climate and ecosystem maintain livable conditions – so that humans as well as other lifeforms remain well.  Planet Earth Is Our Only Home!"  

By, Art Burtis