Our Mission

Solar Air Tech, LLC was established by entrepreneur W. Art Burtis with the goal of having significant and lasting impacts on many forms of environmental improvements. Our mission is to abate the too-high level of climate-warming carbon dioxide from the atmosphere while establishing a profitable “green-product” manufacturing business that creates thousands of new jobs.

The SolarAir™ Tower-Chimney (SATC) is a clean-running, solar heat powered system for green-product outputs that will increase the value, quality and resilience of the ecosphere, stabilize climate conditions and improve environmental conditions.

Modern Plantation Greenhouse

Save Earth’s Ecosphere™

A drastic reduction (approximately 70%) in the level of atmospheric CO2 is scientifically required for humanity to successfully abate climate warming before the earth’s ecosphere reaches a tipping point – with no chance of civilization restoring the seasons that have helped support our existence for 12,000 years.

Carbon dioxide extracted from the SATC system will be used for clean production processes:

Help manufacture full-cycle, carbon-neutral diesel, gasoline and jet fuels. These new-source AirLic™ Fuels will be fungible and drop-in ready to mix with carbon positive refined crude oil fuels.

Produce electricity via wind-blade turbines in its airflow paths and condense potable water (desalination available in applicable regions).

Provide excess electricity and water available for sale and distribution off-site.

Deploy thermal storage “heat sinks” that enable the SATC to continue CO2 separation and electric power generation during dark hours.

The SolarAir™ Tower-Chimney is self-operating and neither produces nor emits harmful exhaust gas.

“The trajectories of the trade winds, jet stream and ocean currents are being altered by climate warming, with disastrous eco-system environmental consequences if we don’t stop the progressive changes caused by climate warming.

Let’s face it, we humans have made mistakes, but we can fix them. The SATC is an efficient, all-green solution that more than pays for itself by helping the environment while generating green-product profits.”

W. Arthur “Art” Burtis

Founder and CEO, Solar Air Tech, LLC

W. Arthur “Art” Burtis

Founder and CEO, Solar Air Tech, LLC

W. Arthur “Art” Burtis has over 35 years of experience in the building industry. He has designed and built both commercial and residential structures and is an accomplished masonry, tile and concrete contractor, as well as a designer/inventor of innovative systems, including the SolarAir™ Tower-Chimney (SATC).

Art founded his first masonry and concrete building construction business in the 1970s and continues to serve as CEO of EZ Build Masonry and EZ Build Masonry Tools, as well as Solar Air Tech, LLC. All are located in Marin County, California.

“My experience in designing and building fireplaces, chimneys, and passive solar heating systems was an early inspiration for the concept behind the SATC,” according to Art. He also traces the development of the pliable airflow buffers for regulating airspeed and air-pressure conditions inside the SATC to his experience working on the design of patented inverse wing-flow water-pressure direction stabilizers for boats.

Art’s passionate commitment to saving the earth’s ecosphere goes back to his early connections with boating, the sea and Nature. He cites the need to preserve the balance among the trade winds, jet stream and ocean currents that are responsible for the four seasons.

Art and his wife, Linda Janssen, live in Marin County, California.

Design and Development

Invented the EZ Build Masonry System Pressure-injection GROUT TOOL (US patent #5,366,116) which employs pressurized venturi design flow-through power increase.

Collaborated on the invention, design and testing of the patented HYDROFOIL-SHAPED STABILIZING OR ATTITUDE-AFFECTING MEANS FOR BOATS, revolutionary boat-stabilizing mechanisms patented by Art’s father, Samuel Burtis.