Solar Air Tech LLC

Stabilize Earth's Atmosphere and Oceans | Refresh Earth's Ecosystem

Over 1.5 Billion Vehicles WILL RUN on Carbon Neutral Fuel

Improved Ecologic & Economic Conditions

SolarAir™ Tower-Chimney

Solar-Energy-Airflow = New Age Product Productions

Available Product Outcomes:

- "Venturi" Airflow Powered - Horizontal Blade Wind Turbine Electricity,

- Potable Water [condensation and desalination],

- Atmospheric CO2 Reduction by Direct Air Capture [DAC],

- Full-Cycle, "Carbon Neutral" Gasoline, Diesel, Jet Fuels; i.e. "AirLic" Fuels™

- Refrigerants

Top Priority: Full-Cycle, "Carbon Neutral" > Diesel, Gasoline and Jet Fuels

Atmospheric CO2 overload can be utilized to create global scale new-source energy industries that function on "Full-Cycle" basis. These industry and their outcroppings will assist reduction of global warming and help provide greatly required oceanic stabilization.

Vast global employment upsurges will occur toward correctly resuscitating and then maintaining/protecting Earth's ecosystem, ecology and naturally available resources.

This is civilization's next step toward ever improved human living conditions.

Burgeoning opportunities exist to harness and enjoy the plentiful life supporting outcomes available from our "Nature-Support Revolution" [NSR].

NSR follows on the heels of our "Industrial Revolution" and will flow perfectly in parallel with our 21st Century "Technological Revolution".

During this global-span highly required and financially profitable transition to Full-Cycle, "Carbon Neutral" Gasoline, Diesel and Jet Fuels the crude oil industry can become fully vested and well invested.  

During worldwide Full-Cycle "Carbon Neutral" liquid hydrocarbon fuel transition civilization will in many "other" ways proceed with ecologically correct, employment creating and profit producing new-age Nature-Support opportunities.

Solar Air Tech LLC introduces: SolarAir™ Tower-Chimney

Mantra: "Sustain and Improve Earth's Life Giving Qualities to Uphold and Increase Civilization Betterment" 

SolarAir™ Mechanism Activates Solar-Heated Mass-Airflow: Providing utility scale airflow power at adjustable speeds, temperatures and volumes. Internally actuated pressure drops and pressure increases facilitate product-outcome operational sequences.

This scalable solar-heated airflow system cleanly operates commercial apparatus to produce electricity, drawdown atmospheric CO2, help manufacture full-cycle combustible liquid fuels and create potable water for our 21st Century... and beyond. SolarAir™ Tower-Chimney's self-operations emit no harmful emissions.

Thermal heat storage [e.g. heat sinks] enable dark-hour[s] SolarAir™ atmospheric CO2 separation and electric power generation to continue production.

SolarAir™ Solar Energized Mass Airflow Enables Filtration, i.e. "Drawdown" of Atmospheric Greenhouse Gases.

Global scale, full-cycle, "carbon neutral" liquid hydrocarbon fuels could and should become the norm. Momentum is building.

Result is worldwide atmospherically recyclable production of a new, profit filled, "carbon neutral" liquid hydrocarbon energy source.

Large sectors of over 1.5 billion combustion engines = The Market for “AirLic” Fuels™

Our Goal

Scaled, SolarAir™ Tower-Chimney, in multiples, will cleanly and affordably assist other organizations' carbon dioxide (CO2) Direct Air Capture (DAC) systems to remove multi-thousand-ton CO2 from Earth's atmosphere. This utility scale atmospheric CO2 removal will exponentially help accomplish global-scale production of new-source, full-cycle, "carbon neutral", CO2-based liquid hydrocarbon fuels.

Atmospheric Full-cycle, "carbon neutral" liquid hydrocarbon fuel industry is now at the world's doorstep.

Full-cycle, "carbon neutral" diesel, gasoline and jet fuels will be fungible and drop-in ready to mix with carbon positive refined crude oil fuels. Extracted atmospheric CO2 can also be used for expediting growth in green house and algae ponds as well as making dry ice for commercial refrigeration. SolarAir™ horizontal and vertical blade turbines' electricity production, as well as its condensation water [and desalinization in applicable geographic regions], will be utilized for tending to full-cycle fuel manufacturing and other onsite operation needs. Excess electricity and water productions will be sold/distributed off site.

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