Save Earth’s Ecosphere™

The clean
industrial age
has begun.

W. Arthur “Art” Burtis

Founder and CEO, Solar Air Tech, LLC

Join us in helping Save Earth's EcosphereTM while profiting from the largest and most consequential industrial transition in the history of mankind.

Our corporate mission has three components:

  • Engineer innovations for a new paradigm of energy production and manufactured products that increase the productivity of life on earth.

  • Clean up the massive amount of waste that has destroyed the air and water on earth.

  • Operate technological systems that harmonize the needs of civilization with the natural forces and cycles of nature so that there is not excess pollution or damage to the planet.
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SolarAir™ Cylinder (SAC) generates high speed, high torque and high HP airflow energy within a concentrated solar power (CSP) vertical cylinder that enables turbine capability to provide electricity for residential structures, industrial facilities and vehicle charging needs. SAC, CSP systems will deliver innovatively efficient integrations of: (1) heated surfaces driving natural convection, (2) thermal radiation effects, (3) mass airflow rates, (4) high speed airflows, (5) specialized-design wind turbine’s mechanical, and electrical efficiencies to produce MW electrical power.

SolarAir™ Tower-Chimney will massively separate CO2 out of atmosphere, reduce atmospheric humidity and produce onsite electricity to manufacture types of CO2 sequestration-capable commodity products.

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